Application Procedures

1. The application for The Vanguard School can be completed on-line at

2. Kindergarten applications are ordered by priority group and date of receipt. Kindergarten applicants are not placement tested for ability level grouping until the beginning of the school year.

3. First through eleventh grade applicants will be placed in a lottery held on the first business day in February. This lottery orders the wait list for potential students in grades 1-11.

4. For K-11 grades, slots will be offered to applicants based on priority group status: Staff>District 12 Sibling>District 12>Out of District Sibling>Out of District. Openings are filled on a rolling basis from February 1 through September 30.

5. Offers of enrollment to parents or guardians of students will begin during the first week of February and continue through the end of September as openings occur. During this time, you may inquire about your student's position on the wait list by logging in to your Parent Dashboard at

6. Offers of enrollment are provided to parents based on lottery results per category (listed above). Acceptance of these offers is indicated by signing the Offer of Enrollment Form.

All offers of enrollment not accepted within five business days from the time of the offer will be considered to have been denied by the family, and the offer will go to the next student on the list. Accepting an offer of enrollment indicates acceptance into The Vanguard School but does not guarantee a student's placement in a particular grade level.

7. Upon enrollment, placement testing is required for all new students entering grades 1-11. Several testing dates will be offered throughout the spring to accommodate rolling admissions. Scheduling and completing these tests within one month of the acceptance of enrollment is required.

8. For students applying to tenth or eleventh grade, the family must bring in transcripts in order to support the school with placement. The number of years it will take a student to graduate will depend upon credits transferred from these transcripts and upon placement testing.

9. The Vanguard School does not enroll new students at the twelfth grade level. Students are defined as "new" if they have never attended The Vanguard School or if they have withdrawn and are awaiting re-enrollment.

10. After placement testing is completed and grade level placement is determined, online registration must be completed within seven business days. The registration process includes the following:
- complete online registration (within seven business days of offer)
- attend a Registration Session
- submit copies of student immunization records and birth certificate
- provide copies of report cards/transcripts, state assessment results, and/or other standardized tests (if not provided at time of testing)

11. Once a student is officially registered, his siblings are moved to the applicable sibling priority group. Enrollment for all siblings is attempted but is not guaranteed.

12. Mandatory Show Day for all new students occurs during early spring of each year.

13. All out of district new students who become enrolled in The Vanguard School are subject to a thirty school day trial enrollment so that the school can evaluate compliance with C.R.S. 22-36-101.

14. Pursuant to state law and Cheyenne Mountain School District Policy JFBB-R, all approved out of district student applications are valid for one year. Re-application must be completed each year. The annual letter of intent is the first step of the re-application process; the second and final step is completed by attending one of the Mandatory Show Days scheduled in the spring. We ask that families who are District 12 residents follow the same process to verify their intention to return to The Vanguard School and update their family information.

October 18, 2017