Enrollment Checklist


Step 1. Apply for enrollment

  • Applications must be submitted online. Click here to apply.
  • Applications can be submitted for a future school year
  • Each student needs to complete an application
  • We welcome applications from all school districts
  • The Vanguard School does not enroll new students at the twelfth grade level
  • In accordance with Colorado Department of Education guidelines, Kindergartners must be 5 years of age on or before October 1st of the school year for which you apply.


Step 2. Submit supporting documents

  • Students applying for grades 7-9 must submit a recent report card
  • Students applying for grades 10-11 must submit an unofficial transcript
  • Students that have noted on their application that they have received student services must turn in their most recent supporting documents (IEP, 504, ALP, RTI, ELL, etc.)
  • District 12 residents must send in proof of residency for priority waitlist placement
  • Please submit here:

Email: Jennifer.Blanchard@TheVanguardSchool.com
Fax: 719-799-6149
Mail or Drop off at the Elementary Campus:
1832 South Wahsatch Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80905


Step 3. Waitlist / Lottery

  • Applications received before lottery day at the end of January, from First through Eleventh grade will be placed in the lottery. Your waitlist number will be randomly assigned according to your priority grouping and you will be electronically notified of your number on Lottery day.
  • Applications received after lottery day at the end of January, from will be placed on the waitlist according to your priority grouping. You will be electronically notified of your waitlist number once your application has been processed.
  • Kindergarten applications are not placed in a lottery but are ordered by priority group and date of receipt. You will be electronically notified of your waitlist number after the lottery or once your application has been processed.
  • Priority groups: Staff > District 12 + Sibling > District 12 > Out of District + Sibling > Out of District.
  • After the lottery has been run, you can check your status on the waitlist by logging into your Parent Portal in the SmartChoice application system here.
  • Once a student in the family is accepted and officially registered, their siblings are moved to the applicable sibling priority group. Enrollment for all siblings is attempted but is not guaranteed.


Step 4. Placement test

  • Placement testing is required of all applicants grades 1-11
  • This is not an entrance exam. This test determines grade and group placement in the schools ability level groups for reading, writing and math so your student is challenged and successful.
  • Kindergarten applicants are not required to test. They are placement tested for ability level grouping at the beginning of the school year.
  • Families that complete testing within two weeks of the lottery or submittal of application will be given priority placement over those families who have not completed testing. Regardless of their spot on the waitlist.
  • Click here to register for a placement test.


Step 5. Offers of enrollment

  • Offers of enrollment are provided to parents based on lottery results per the priority groups listed above.
  • Acceptance of these offers is indicated by signing the online Offer of Enrollment in your SmartChoice parent portal.
  • All offers of enrollment not accepted within five business days from the time of the offer will be considered to have been denied by the family, and the offer will go to the next student on the list.
  • Openings are filled on a rolling basis from February 1 through September 30.


Step 6. Upon acceptance

  • An electronic communication will be sent to you once you have been offered a seat.
  • To accept your offered seat, you must sign into your Parent Portal in the SmartChoice Application system.
  • Complete your student’s online registration in Infinite Campus within 7 days of accepting your seat
  • Submit a copy of a birth Certificate and immunization records
  • Sign up for an Enrollment Meeting
  • All out of district new students who become enrolled in The Vanguard School are subject to a 30 school day trial enrollment so the school can evaluate compliance with C.R.S. 22-36-101.
  • Pursuant to state law and Cheyenne Mountain School District Policy JFBB-R, all approved out of district student applications are valid for one year. Re-application must be completed each year. The annual letter of intent is the first step of the re-application process; the second and final step is completed by attending Courser Roundup Day. We ask that families who are District 12 residents follow the same process to verify their intention to return to The Vanguard School and update their family information.


If you have any questions, contact Jennifer Blanchard, Admissions Officer (719) 471.1999 x 101, or by email at Jennifer.Blanchard@TheVanguardSchool.com.